I am kira. I'm from Louisiana. I like Louisiana. I like poetry. And sports. Hateful people make me sick. A lack of vulgarity makes me uncomfortable. Fros make me happy. And locks. I like random questions and funny shit. You should probably follow me now.

  • Beyonce and Jay-zFootball match in Paris


    His hand on her ass tho.

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    Saved as White Friend

    im deadddddd

    What the damn hell!


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    six word poem: get swung on if you want

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    I ❤ Daisy’s

    *Swallows* Ummm hello ladies & gentlemen, my name is daisy 👋😳

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    @OwningMyTruth: White people are so fast to support HK’s #OccupyCentral movement “against authoritarianism”. Where have they been during #Ferguson protests? White people always love to support resistance movements abroad because they don’t force them to hold up a mirror to their own racism

    let’s also talk about the fact that the US is probably in large part responsible for most of the unethical practices of China because of like, I don’t know, foreign labor laws and international trade 

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  • -Kiira

    Things Of Which I Am Certain
    “Not A Love Poem”

  • "

    "…but I don’t love you in a way that I can write about. I love you in a way that makes my brain tell my heart to pump blood to keep my cells alive.

    I love you like breathing…”

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    Click here to watch Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart discuss shop and frisk on The Daily Show.

    Full episodes are available anytime, anywhere on the Comedy Central app.

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     And this is why i love her.

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  • "If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it."
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    U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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